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Project Management

For the purpose of management of project realization, implementation and supervision of the project, governing the following bodies were established:

  • Project Management Unit (PMU),
  • Steering Committee (SC) and
  • Quality Assurance Committee (QAC).

Project Management Unit (PMU) manages the implementation of the project activities and ensures that they are executed at a scheduled time. The duty of this Unit is to govern the financial and legal aspects of the project. PMU consist of the project coordinator and work package leaders WPLs. PMU is managed and lead by the project team and it report to the Steering Committee during the realization of the project. Project coordinator, in cooperation with other members prepares regular meetings and minutes of meetings. The coordinator monitors the work of work packages leaders, while PMU during the meetings, and adopt their report on the progress of work. The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of representatives of all universities which are partners in the project. This project body is responsible for the operational, administrative and financial implementation of the project. SC is responsible for cooperation with the Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency (EACEA). President of the SC is the University of Belgrade (UB).The third body of the project, which will be formed, is the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). This committee will be responsible for the implementation of the quality plan and cooperation with the national Erasmus + Offices.

At the kick-off meeting held on December 13 and 14 2018, in Belgrade, the structure of project management, comprising of the Work packages leaders, Project Management Unit, Steering Committee, and Quality Assurance Committee, were established.


Decisions on forming of the SETOF management structure