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Land degradation, especially physical degradation, with soil erosion as the most common degradation process, is a significant problem for the conservation of resources and has a large negative effect. One of the consequences of soil erosion is the occurrence of torrential floods. The floods that occurred in the last time, again point to the need to improve the education of professionals who will enable better prevention of torrential floods. The field of soil erosion control and protection against torrential floods are not included in the study process at all the faculties of forestry and other related faculties of the universities in Serbia and B&H. The Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade has the academic studies devoted to these issues, while other universities have individual subjects whose syllabuses are partially related to this field. For these reasons, there is a need for the development of a new master and improvement of the existing bachelor curriculum by introducing new subjects or by changing the syllabuses of existing subjects.

In addition to the development of new master and improvement of the bachelor curriculum, in compliance with the Bologna Process and the EU good practices, the specific objectives of the project are also the following: the implementation of improved knowledge of practical solutions against torrential floods and the education of local governments to create prevention programs. The project includes five universities of the partner countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), where the curricula will be developed, and universities from the four program countries. The project will be implemented through the 7 work packages with 34 activities. The Project implementation will contribute to the establishment of better cooperation between the participants, who, by improving the university curriculum with the support of the EU, will achieve a harmonized approach to the methodology for flood prevention at the regional level.